Horticulture Mediation Adviser

UPDATE: Please note from 1 December 2016 onwards, a new office will perform the role of Horticulture Mediation Adviser. Please visit www.horticulturecode.com.au or call 1800 475 467 for any enquiries.

Welcome to the official site of the Horticulture Mediation Adviser where you will find information on the mediation services provided under the Horticulture Code of Conduct.

Under the Horticulture Code of Conduct, growers and wholesalers can use any type of dispute resolution procedures they choose. However, if either a grower or wholesaler wishes to use the codeís dispute resolution process then the other trading party must comply.

In the first instance, the code calls for the two parties to attempt to resolve the dispute themselves and, if that fails, to participate in mediation. A mediation adviser will provide low cost mediation services under the code.

This process is a quick, confidential and cost-effective alternative to legal action. An agreement reached through mediation is a contract subject to the normal requirements of contract law.

On the 7 March 2007, the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Peter McGauran announced the appointment of the Horticulture Mediation Adviser to administer the dispute resolution process under the Horticulture Code of Conduct.

The Horticulture Mediation Adviser is the contact for all inquiries relating to mediation under the code. The mediation adviserís role is to help parties resolve disputes and, on request, appoint mediators from a specialist panel of experienced mediators across Australia.

If your issue involves a relationship between a grower and trader (acting as either an agent or merchant) where the transaction relates to unprocessed goods from the list below, then you can contact the HMA for assistance in resolving your dispute
  1. Fruits,
  2. Vegetables, including mushrooms and other edible fungi,
  3. Nuts,
  4. Herbs,
  5. Other edible plants (does not include nursery products).

The Horticulture Mediation Adviser has also established a list of Horticulture Produce Assessors who can investigate and report on any matter arising under a horticulture produce agreement.

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